Study Programs MSc

The main activities of the Faculty of Civil Engineering are in focus the teaching and learning, and also at all times attentiveness to the student. The perfection of teaching is achieved through research work carried out by the academic staff of the Faculty. The engagement of academic staff in the fields of research is present not only in the country, but also abroad, giving scientific contributions to scientific conferences with scientific papers published in the world's most prestigious journals in field of the Hydrotechnics.

The study program of MSc-Hydrotechnic is developed and organized by the Faculty of Civil Engineering - Department of Structures according to the Bologna system - rated by the weight of ECTS credits ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System).

Given that the trend of continuous development of our country is continuously growing then as a result of the development of certain branches of the economy and industry there is also evident the accelerated urbanization. At the same time, the demand for natural resources, especially for water has increased. In addition to increased water supply demands, the situation is deteriorated by increased population demands based on increased quality of life, increased irrigation demand, use of water for energy, intensified urbanization and climate change. Moreover, in addition to the increased water demand, we must also take into account water continuous pollution and degradation of the water quality resources. Increasing demand for water and degradation of water quality pose a continuous challenge on existing water resources. Therefore, it is essential that these resources to be used optimally and that we be committed to protecting them.

The study program of MSc- Hydrotechnic is organizing in four semesters for the two academic years. In each semester the student accumulates the 30ECTS, when after the completion of studies, the total accumulate credits is 120ECTS.

After completion of the second level for the MSc-Hydrotechnic Studies program, the student is mandated to perform advanced competencies for the Hydrotechnic fields such as:

  • Reads critically, researches, collects and understands relevant scientific literature in the field of Hydrotechnical sciences;
  • Applies the knowledge and skills acquired to plan, design, build, supervise and maintain complex hydrotechnical facilities;
  • Demonstrates a high level of professional knowledge and skills of their application in identifying, analyzing and solving problems in the field of Hydrotechnics;
  • Shows high creativity and innovation as a result of the interdisciplinary study program;
  • Demonstrates high ethical standards when working with clients and offers consistent and impartial expertise;
  • Demonstrates ability to design and implement structures in the field of Hydrotechnics, which are in accordance with the appropriate quality and prices;
  • Recognizes and takes into account the environmental risks associated with construction in the field of Hydrotechnics;
  • Manages groups of professionals in the planning, design and implementation of various interventions in the aquatic environment;
  • Coordinates the work between investors, designers and contractors;
  • Continuously follows the innovations and applies them in the profession.


Hydrotechnics MSc. 2021/2022 - 2023/2024
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Hydrotechnics MSc. 2017/2018 - 2020/2021
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Hydrotechnics MSc. 2014/2015 - 2016/2017
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Hydrotechnics MSc 2012/2013
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