“BKSTONE project” Lot 2- Laboratory Equipment Delivered

05 Tetor 2021

Our High Education Institution, as a partner of the ERASMUS + Project for “Higher Education-Enterprise platform for fostering, modernization and sustainable growth in natural stone industry in Western Balkans – BKSTONE”, with reference number: 610483-EPP-1-2019-1-AL-EPPKA2 CBHE-JP, through the tendering procedure ensured the Software “DIANA” and other equipment according the Lot II- in amount of 9,682.22 €.

The University administration, respectively the public procurement has conducted tendering procedure in two Lots. Actually for the Lot1, the contractor “ECO TEST”, from Pristina has provide the equipment as per contract no: 242-21-2418-1-2-1/C218, on date September, 30, 2021. The equipment’s are positioning in FCE areas - Laboratory of materials respectively Stone Lab examination.

Coordinator of the Project:

        Prof.dr.Naser Kabashi

Prishtine 05.10.2021