Konferencë - 19th Symposium of MASE

28 Maj 2021

Considering the current situation in North Macedonia and the region related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and hoping that the declining trend in the number of new infected will continue in the upcoming period, the Presidency of Macedonian Association of Structural Engineers-MASE decided to start the organization of the 19th Symposium of MASE. 

Traditionally, the Symposium will be held in Ohrid, Hotel Granit, in the period 15-18.09.2021. Depending on the actual situation, it will be held as an on-site event, or in combination with E-platform, thus enabling the participants who will not be able to attend the Symposium to have an option to follow the presentations.  

Considering that in September 2020, in parallel use with the previous regulation for design of structures, the Eurocodes were involved, and appreciating the need for training of the engineering staff for the practical use of Eurocodes, the Presidency of MASE decided the 19th Symposium to be dedicated to this topic and the motto to be "EUROCODES-Gate to Europe". 

It is of a special interest to make a comparison and to point out the differences arising from the application of these two regulations, actual and Eurocodes. Therefore, eminent experts from North Macedonia and the region will give invited lectures on this topic and will bring the Eurocodes closer to our professionals.  

In addition to the main topic "EUROCODES-Gate to Europe", the other topics will be: 

  • Theoretical and experimental analysis of structures 
  • Contemporary methods for structural design   
  • Contemporary methods for construction 
  • Structural health monitoring, performance and damage assessment 
  • Maintenance, repair and strengthening of structures 
  • Reliability and durability of structures 
  • Modern materials and technologies for sustainable development   
  • Infrastructure objects 
  • Other topics related to structural engineering 


Information on: invited lectures; paper templates; deadlines; the registration fee and accommodation will be published on the MASE website: https://mase.gf.ukim.edu.mk 

Despite all difficulties, I hope we will successfully organize and implement the 19th Symposium of MASE.


Best regards, 

Prof. Meri Cvetkovska 

President of MASE